Move In / Move Out Form
Please use this form to notify management if you are scheduling a move in or move out at least one week in advance to ensure a smooth process.

Please Note: Tractor Trailers and vehicles greater than 2 axle or 28 feet are not permitted onto the property.  Only one truck is permitted at a time.

In addition to the information on this form please provide management your Mover's current certificate of insurance (COI) naming the association as the additional insured.   You may email to:   Click to download a sample COI

Documents and payment must be on file for the move to be added to the calendar. 

Move In / Move Out's are permitted as follows:

Townhome Units: Monday - Saturday 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM (No Sunday or Holiday Moves are permitted.  No Exceptions)
Midrise Units: Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM (No Saturday, Sunday or Holiday Moves are permitted.  No Exceptions)

Complete and return the attached Move Form with required fees to schedule a move. 

Scheduling a Move In: 
Complete and return move form with the required documents and $125 registration and $100 move in fees. 

Scheduling a Move Out:
 Complete and return the move form with the required $100 Move Out fee and $500 Security Deposit (Refundable) in the form of Cashier's Check or Money Order payable to: Your Name or Port Liberte II COA for example: Joe Smith or Port Liberte II COA.  (No personal checks) Security deposit will be processed within 7 - 14 business days and mailed to the forwarding address provided on this form.

Did you Remember?...To change your address and schedule service for the following:
Auto pay to Condo and HOA (owners ownly)
Cable/Satellite: Comcast: 908-247-9957 or
Verizon FIOS or Access Media3 / Direct TV: 866-263-3241 or 877-5350150
PSE&G Gas & Electric: PSE&G: 800-436-7734
United Water/SUEZ: 800-575-4433 (Townhome Units Only)

If you have any questions please email

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